Reviews on Sterokiller, LMP, Hellride, Roctober

March 12, 2012

Early reviews for the new record are beginning to surface and it feels good to know that people are listening. Stereokiller: “This band came from out of nowhere for me and blew me away.  4.75/5.” LMP magazine: “Chicago’s own BEAK is ready to lay their claim as the next great post-metal band. 8.5/10.” Hellride: “Think Hum but much, much, much heavier.” That’s super nice of you all to say.

Roctober: “I keep praying to Beelzebub for a day that I get the skills to express reverence for good metal without using the word “brutal,” but alas that day is not today, as this is a swirling storm of sublime brutality that at times clams to a low, ominous wind, but more often rages and explodes like a multiple vortex tornado.”

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