Beak with The Swan King, Mares of Thrace, Sun Splitter

February 14, 2013

There is a serious show coming here and we are stoked to be on this bill. Jason put this one together with some of our favorite bands and people – The Swan King, Mares of Thrace and Sun Splitter. This takes place in Chicago. This takes place at the Beat Kitchen, a small room with a legitimate sound system. If you’re not a fan of these bands, start now. In my mind there are no better bands in Chicago. We’re going to Inflatable Water Park have some songs from our upcoming record on hand to try out. Come look at Scott, an old friend and drummer for Mares, who is about 10% less grumpy now that he has found the love of his life standing a mere three feet away from him, the lady singing vocals in that band. See if he’s changed. And imagine being in that band, where it’s just the two of you, keeping that fight from¬†yesterday¬†morning going. Saturday February 23rd 2013. 9pm. Buy tickets.


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