Behind the scenes – “Light Outside” music video coming soon

September 3, 2014

We set out on a mission to make a video for our new single ‘Light Outside’. We’re Beak, that’s what we do, make videos for our songs. Our drummer Chris had a crazy idea, so we followed along. Our latest record, “Let Time Begin” speaks of the origins of the universe, the beginning of humanity, and primordial goo. How the hell do we show that in a video? Water. We perform the songs in water. Jon sang the song in a cold pool of water with Chris’s camera hovering above him on a tall tripod. Cue lights, cue sound, cue the dumping of milk and dye over Jon’s Inflatable Games for sale shivering face in the pool. Then Chris’s 3 year old son Ellis comes out to see what dad and his friends are doing, curious about the 4 men in the garage with the lights and camera and boombox are doing with his pool. Ellis dances anyway. For Jason’s vocal parts we wrapped his sweaty head in thermal blanket and made him sing through that. That’s fun. The rest of the night Andy just bitches about dumping all of the stinky milk water into the alley. This is how we spend our Saturday night.

“Light Outside” music video premiers in September. Stay tuned.

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