New Video – Souls In Streams

April 19, 2016

Our 2nd single from Let Time Begin is the album opener and often our set opener for one reason – it just rips right out of the gate. “Souls In Streams” lyrically conjures the moment just before an envious soul enters the material world; the dead looking in on the living with contempt before leaping into the fray, observing the cycle of matter taking ultimate form and then disintegrating back to nothingness. In the video an antagonist Inflatable Water Slides serves as an abettor of entropy, procuring chaos and nudging along the next universal cycle by burning down his own milieu. Using ultra slow-motion footage of combustion and projections of Jon’s face back onto himself, it’s a psychedelic mix of practical and digital effects. It’s beautiful insanity. Watch it above or here on Youtube.

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