Beak with Anvil

January 25, 2012

We’re completely psyched to be opening for the legendary crazy man band known as Anvil. I know you saw it on HBO. And we grew up with it, and it’s an honor to be playing with them. The show is Thursday February 23, 2012 at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago. Add to that Admiral of Black and Ironfinger. It’s going to be rad. Here’s some Tickets.

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We have a home

January 13, 2012

Hello Friends. We are so very happy to announce that our first album will be released on Someoddpilot Records. We’ve worked with the label before and are psyched that this is our home, because let’s face it – this is our home.

Someoddpilot in a seminal Chicago vehicle of art and music since 1999. They’ve designed records (Chocolate Industries, Mush, Consumers, Plus Tapes, Eat Concrete, etc), released records, promoted bands, branded Chicago venues – Empty Bottle, Schuba’s, Lincoln Hall, Bite Cafe, Windish Agency, hell they even branded Pitchfork for god’s sake.

They currently run a gallery called Public Works that showcases amazing graphic art including some heavyweights on the music tip – Andy Mueller, Cody Hudson, Michael Cina.

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How To Kill Yourself Mixing A Record

July 2, 2011

1. Mix your record forever. 2. Keep coming back to mix your f*cking record. 3. Find something to be unsure about, thus guaranteeing you get to go back and mix your f*cking record again. 4. Turn the drums too low. 5. Turn the bass to high when you go back to turn the drums back up. 6. Turn the guitars too low. 7. Just go back there cause you don’t know what else the f*ck to do. 8. Make sure key decision makers are sleeping on the couch during key decisions. 9. Argue relentlessly with sleeper over his stupid f*cking comments that are actually right on the money. 10. Right, money. Run out of money. 11. Find some new money that’s not yours, maybe borrow it from a gianormous corporation who is more than happy to let you go hang out in an expensive studio some more and argue.

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Neil Strauch, Our F*cking Engineer, Our Love

June 14, 2011

Dear Neil,

When we first met you, we were worried about your socks. Should a man’s socks have penguin’s and shit on them? We were also wondering if the man who records Bonnie Prince Billy could really handle our load. But jesus, there you were, and you put up with us and we made a record together and you crushed Jason’s dreams of being with you, like really being with you. You two are so similar even though you are opposites. Man you know that feeling.


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Beak with Killing Joke

January 3, 2011

When you play with a band you have been freaking out about since you were in high school, you’re pretty much f*cked form the start. Killing Joke is probably the biggest influence on our humble young band. Hosannas From the Basements Of Hell came out a few years ago and unlike most of their contemporaries, this band has somehow improved with age. These guys are more bad*ss than ever. Nothing is as heavy as this sh*t.

They camped in front of the Empty Bottle for two days in a bus. They didn’t do their own soundcheck. They had some serious meth-roadies who got into an actual fist-fight with each other at the conclusion of the night. We played on the tiny Bottle stage with their entire set-up including drum kit behind us, leaving only a thin line of stage for us to deliver our goods. I was so f*cked-up and their manager so amped-up that in leading the Chosen One to the stage, he nearly pounced on me for accidentally walking nearby. I can only assume this is what surrounds legendary bands – chaos and mess and stories that are only funny later.

Jaz and company were amazing. I’m going to say we played one of our best shows ever. The universe was a happy place. Our drummer designed this poster for the show.

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Beak with Mouth Of The Architect

March 1, 2010

Two round heads ending in full beards, more hair on the face than up top, same height, same love of analog keyboards. Two keyboard players in metal bands that aren’t those annoying keyboard player types in metal bands. They looked at each other and they both go “Jason” at the same time. They were made for each other.  Awesome show at Reggie’s Chicago. It was an honor to play with one of our favorites. And Raise The Red Lantern. These are great bands. Show review here, thanks Punk Vault.

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