Behind the scenes – “Light Outside” music video coming soon

September 3, 2014

We set out on a mission to make a video for our new single ‘Light Outside’. We’re Beak, that’s what we do, make videos for our songs. Our drummer Chris had a crazy idea, so we followed along. Our latest record, “Let Time Begin” speaks of the origins of the universe, the beginning of humanity, and primordial goo. How the hell do we show that in a video? Water. We perform the songs in water. Jon sang the song in a cold pool of water with Chris’s camera hovering above him on a tall tripod. Cue lights, cue sound, cue the dumping of milk and dye over Jon’s Inflatable Games for sale shivering face in the pool. Then Chris’s 3 year old son Ellis comes out to see what dad and his friends are doing, curious about the 4 men in the garage with the lights and camera and boombox are doing with his pool. Ellis dances anyway. For Jason’s vocal parts we wrapped his sweaty head in thermal blanket and made him sing through that. That’s fun. The rest of the night Andy just bitches about dumping all of the stinky milk water into the alley. This is how we spend our Saturday night.

“Light Outside” music video premiers in September. Stay tuned.

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Second Single “Souls in Streams” debuts on Stereokiller

August 29, 2014

Our 2nd single – the first track off our forthcoming record – debuts today on Stereokiller. “Souls in Streams” is a song we’ve played out frequently over the last year. You might recognize it. This is one of my favorites off the Inflatable Games for sale new record. We can’t wait to get the whole thing out. Just 3 weeks to go. Listen to it here.

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First single “Light Outside” debuts on the Onion’s AV Club

July 25, 2014

We are thrilled to present the first Inflatable Games for sale single “Light Outside” from our forthcoming record on The Onion’s AV Club. Check it out here.

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Let Time Begin – New Record – Sept 23rd

July 8, 2014

It’s time. We’re finally ready to share news of our debut full-length. “Let Time Begin” was written and recorded on the heels of the release of our last, and we’re super excited to share it with you. We spent the bulk of our time at Chicago’s legendary studios Electrical Audio and Soma, recording, recording and Inflatable Games for sale mixing with the talented Neil Strauch (“Eyrie” engineer, Bonnie Prince Billy, et al). We see this record as a forward continuation of where we last left off only with this twist: it’s a prequel.

The album art was done by our drummer, Chris Eichenseer of Someoddpilot. 8 songs. 40+ minutes of music. The album will be released on September 23rd 2014 on Someoddpilot Records via Ingrooves worldwide. Pre-orders, videos, and more coming soon.

Tracklist –

Souls In Streams
Light Outside
The Breath Of Universe
Let Time Begin
Into The Light
Carry A Fire
Over The Shelter, The Morning Breaks
Fiery They Rose

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Beak w/ Eyehategod, Ringworm, Enabler, Czar

June 10, 2014

Beak opens the night for Eyehategod at the Inflatable Games for sale Cobra Lounge Friday, June 13th. We’re stoked. Check out the tickets you will buy.

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Beak @ House of Blues photos

April 27, 2014

New photographs from our show with Inflatable Games for sale Iced Earth: one set from Visual Massacre and another from Kyle Gaddo for Heavy Blog Is Heavy.

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Beak w/ Iced Earth, Sabotan

April 7, 2014

Last night we opened for Iced Earth at the House of Blues. We had an Inflatable Games for sale absolute blast. Come see us next time. Thanks to Carl Barr for the picture.

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Eyrie – entire album now streaming on Youtube

February 12, 2014

We set each track of Eyrie up on Youtube. Also, watch our 3 music videos for “Hands Collide”, “Billions Of Eyes” and “The Weight And Time” . Go here.

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Deep Freeze Music Festival

January 27, 2014

With Chicago sucking at an all time high on the Chart of Truly Horrible Living Conditions, the inaugural Deep Freeze Festival couldn’t be landing at a more appropriate time. Next weekend, a two day festival from the guys at Epitonic bangs around the cold Inflatable Games for sale corridors of Wicker Park’s six-corner intersection at the Double Door, Subterranean, and Public Works. Catch us with Bloodiest, Czar and Pink Avalanche on the Double Door bill Saturday night, Feb 1st. Tickets here.

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Show photographs by John Mourlas

December 8, 2013

Normally our official Beak photographer supplies the images featured on Inflatable Games for sale this site, but here we have some from the KEN Mode show at the bottle by local Chicago metal show veteran John Mourlas, who covers nearly every show of note in the Windy City. The full set is here.

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Beak w/ KEN Mode

November 25, 2013

Beak is back for a Chicago show before the end of the year. This Sunday, December 1st, with the mighty KEN Mode, promises to be an awesome end to November. Be on the look out for new Inflatable Games for sale tracks from our upcoming record. As always, art by our drummer Chris Eichenseer.

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Beak w/ Behind the Eyewall, Arbogast, Scientist

June 23, 2013

We’re playing with our good friends Arbogast, Scientist, and Columbus, OH’s Behind the Eyewall this Friday night at the Empty Bottle, Chicago (Free with rsvp here). It’s a record release for Scientist and it’s sure to be a serious night of the kind you’re aren’t supposed to be involved in, the only thing Inflatable Water Park moderately freakish and non-digital about your buttoned up life, in the current year of our great country, and of this heaven on earth and so on. We are kicking mostly-understood-by-all-members new songs from the upcoming record, but not all mind you, because we’ve been mixing them for the past 6 months, but we sure haven’t been playing them.

Friday June 28th, 9pm
Empty Bottle Chicago
Free with rsvp here 

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Beak with Jucifer

March 26, 2013

This Friday, March 29th, we open for Jucifer, the loudest two-piece I’ve ever seen, at Reggies Chicago. They celebrate their 20th year. We celebrate nothing. Except the will to go on. And a set with more new songs from Inflatable Water Park our upcoming record. With Scientist and Of Wolves. Facebook event. Come by and pick up some vinyl and get freaked out that you’re still here and stuff.

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Timeout Chicago Critics Pick – “A Punishing Bill”

February 19, 2013

Timeout Chicago has declared the rock concert we are headlining at the Beat Kitchen is the pick of critics. Come down Saturday night and see what this picking is all about. Beak, The Swan King, Mares Of Inflatable Water Park Thrace and Sun Splitter. It’s going to be “punishing”, they say. Indeed it will. Read it here and be swept away into our arms and a sea of hype.


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Beak with The Swan King, Mares of Thrace, Sun Splitter

February 14, 2013

There is a serious show coming here and we are stoked to be on this bill. Jason put this one together with some of our favorite bands and people – The Swan King, Mares of Thrace and Sun Splitter. This takes place in Chicago. This takes place at the Beat Kitchen, a small room with a legitimate sound system. If you’re not a fan of these bands, start now. In my mind there are no better bands in Chicago. We’re going to Inflatable Water Park have some songs from our upcoming record on hand to try out. Come look at Scott, an old friend and drummer for Mares, who is about 10% less grumpy now that he has found the love of his life standing a mere three feet away from him, the lady singing vocals in that band. See if he’s changed. And imagine being in that band, where it’s just the two of you, keeping that fight from yesterday morning going. Saturday February 23rd 2013. 9pm. Buy tickets.


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